gfer is an R package designed for green finance and environmental risk research. Focuses on data collecting and analyzing in green finance and environmental risk research and analysis. Main function includes environmental data collecting from official websites like MEP (Ministry of Environmental Protection of China, http://www.mep.gov.cn), water related projects identification and environmental data visualization.

User manual

pdf version here, easier to download and looks better.

html version here, easier to copy paste codes.


For released version:


For development version:

  # Ignore the warning that Rtool is not installed, unless you want other function from devtools.
  # If "devtools" is already installed in your computer, you can directly run the following code.

If you meet with some error during the installation of development version, e.g.,

  cannot remove prior installation of package 'XXX'
  error in installation of XXX package.

If so, just use install.pakcages('xxx') to reinstall XXX package. And then reinstall gfer again. For other errors can be solved by directly reinstall gfer.

You can also directly download ".tar.gz" file from the link above, and install in an R IDE e.g. Rstudio. Or use the Simpler way to install the latest version. Remember,your R should be at least R 3.1.0.


Version 0.1.3 was released

For historical releases and the introduction of updates about each version, please click here


Any bugs and suggestions are welcomed, please leave a comment here